Weekly Sweat Report 5/30-6/5

This was not the week I wanted to have after TWO great weeks of training. I did manage to pick it up toward the end of the week, which was great, but the week started out pretty rough…

After Sunday’s great ride, I actually didn’t feel so great. I was nauseated and dizzy and chalked it up to dehydration. I rehydrated with some Nuun and a little felt better. Then, after my shower I could not get warm and was shivering like crazy and had a slight sunburn. At this point I figured I had some degree of heat exhaustion. It was SO hot on Sunday and we were out on the bike in minimal shade for 3 hours. I stayed inside in the AC for the rest of Sunday and went to bed early.

Monday-REST. A much-needed rest day. I woke up around 2am drenched in sweat, like I had broken a fever. That sealed the deal for me-it was going to be a rest day. Also, my allergies were insane! I had no issues while in Massachusetts but as soon as I got out of the car in Virginia the pollen attacked. With the allergies comes some mild asthma issues so I also decided Tuesday would be a rest day.

Tuesday-REST. See above.

Wednesday-Felt like I was on the upswing of things, but I still decided to just stretch and foam roll on Wednesday since I was still slightly wheezing.

Thursday-Back in action! I finally felt human again, so I ran slow 3 miles in the afternoon to try to heat acclimate some more.


Friday-Rest day-but definitely not a lot of rest-so.many.errands including a Target run for some workout essentials. Vaseline is a triathlete’s best friend as is sunscreen.


Saturday-4 mile run. Another slow run in the heat but felt really good. I’m dabbling with some heart rate training..it’s…interesting to say the least.


Sunday-30 mile ride on the Cap 2 Cap Trail-previewed some of the Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic course. I rode with Tyler and Per, two cyclists that are faster than me which helped me rev up my intensity. I averaged 16.1 mph for 30 miles, which is definitely a personal best. I plan to ride that route a few more times before the race in July, focusing on the Chickahominy River bridge, which seems to always destroy me on the incline.


It was H-O-T and humid and it had rained overnight, so I was covered in sweat and picked up so much puddle dirt on my lower legs. Definitely had to clean up some before I got in the car!


How was your training last week?



  1. You do so well respecting your body. You listen and give it what it needs!
    How’s the HR training going? I think I’m going to do a bit of that come fall/off season once I have some volume under my belt.


    1. Thanks-sometimes I feel like I’m a bit too cautious because of past injuries. I need to find a little balance. I’m only 3 runs into HR training and I’m finding it mentally tough to go that slow. I keep telling myself it takes time and that it will be good for me in the long run!


  2. I had a lot of resting going on last week too.

    And then I sort of rested today. Not really, I’m going for a run this evening and I walked Lola and got groceries . . . but I’d planned on doing more and I just didn’t.

    This back & forth weather between 60s & 80s is just throwing me all off kilter & it’s going to cool down AGAIN.

    Be careful out there!


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