Maine 70.3 Training: Week 1

Since I’m fully recovered from shingles I decided to start fresh with half Ironman training. I’m doing short weekly recaps of training because I like to keep a training journal (other than Training Peaks) and short recaps feel like something I can manage with school/training/everything else.


Here’s a quick recap of week one of Maine 70.3 training:

Swim: 4500 yards (1 hr, 46 minutes). Missed one swim due to forgetting my goggles (aka lack of organization). Now my swim bag contains two pairs of goggles. I debated on making the swim up today, but then I wouldn’t have a rest day for this week so I just let the box in Training Peaks remain red.

Bike: 59.5 miles (4 hours). I love cycling, seriously can’t get enough of it.

Run: 16.8 miles (2 hrs, 55 minutes). Running was challenging but that was to be expected since not really I didn’t really run much in the past month. The way I see it, there can only be improvement from here.

Total time: 8 hrs, 41 minutes

Notable events:

My husband is headed west! A couple of months ago he accepted a position in California and he’s on his way there, currently in New Mexico as I type this morning. I’m staying behind in Virginia to finish my degree because I only have a few semesters left and paying out-of-state tuition for community college is insane, and the transferability of the classes I’ve already taken is questionable. The nice thing is that we’re pretty much going to see each other every couple of months and time will definitely fly by…..still, quite the adjustment!

The day before Tyler left for California, we went to Antietam National Battlefield and discovered some amazing cycling that will totally be worth the hour drive this summer.


tarmac for days

I found a love of Clif Chocolate Chip bars. They are seriously the perfect pre-workout snack, especially if I’m cycling or swimming after work.


Tired. Excited. Hungry….constantly hungry.

There you have it, week one of half Ironman training is in the books! Onward!

Linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for her weekly training recap.

What are you currently training for? How’s it going?


My Big Exciting 2017 Goal


I’ve posted my 2017 word of the year and I’ve posted about being on the Coeur Sports team and how getting more women into endurance sports is one of my goals for 2017.

One thing I haven’t posted about is my big scary exciting goal for 2017, my goal race:


Why Maine?  Maine was put on my radar way back in May last year after I rode some of the bike course. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the roads were in pretty good condition.


Then, after racing REV3 Williamsburg last July, I knew I wanted do to another REV3 event and Maine was going to be it….and that I would eventually do the even, unsure if 2017 was the right year to go for my first 70.3.

In October I decided I was going for it in 2017. I waited patiently for the registration announcement from REV3 and this happened:


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike the Ironman brand or never want to do an Ironman branded event…in fact I have a short list of races I want to do over the next few years, most being this brand. BUT, REV3 gave me the best first Olympic race experience I could’ve imagined and I was really looking forward to having my first half experience when them as well. After more research and listening to some REV3 folks talking about partnering with Ironman, I found out that REV3 will still own and produce the race. At that moment I decided I was in.

On November 15th, as soon as registration opened I did it! I registered for my first 70.3 and basked in the post-registration excitement for days afterward.


Training officially starts April 10th.  I’m currently training for the RnR DC half and hitting the pool 4-5 times a week. I haven’t been getting on the bike so much lately, but that will start here in a week or so. Strength training and yoga are also part of my routine.

I’m linking up the gals at Tuesdays on the Run and the Friday Five 2.0 with Fairytales and Fitness and Running On Happy.

What is your big exciting goal of 2017?

Key West Olympic Training: Week 1

Last week I started training for the Key West Olympic tri, taking place on December 3rd. For the next 10 weeks I’ll be sharing my weekly training log and weekly goals.

Week of 9/26
Goal of the week: Know your training schedule. Okay, for the most part this worked well. I did have a couple of last minute scheduling conflicts that resulted in missed workouts….which made it easy to come up with this coming week’s goal (see below).

Monday (planned:rest) actual: run 40 minutes. 3.85 miles/10:25 pace.

evening miles

sweaty evening miles

Tuesday (planned:swim 1200m, 40 minute run) actual: swim intervals-1200m-done-about 25 minutes, forgot my watch at home so I relied on the very foggy pool clock.


Wednesday (planned:45 minute bike) actual: rest. Moved ride to Friday because I really wasn’t feeling cycling after work, probably because I found out at the end of the day I was working trauma instead of the cushy pain management clinic that I had been working.

Thursday (planned:30 min run) actual: Jasyoga morning meditation. I had to work ortho trauma clinic on Thursday so I needed to mentally ready myself for a long day. I came home, walked the dogs with Tyler and went to bed. Sleep > 30 minute run.

Friday (planned:rest) actual: 45 minute easy ride on the trainer. Entertainment was a rerun of NBC’s 2015 Kona coverage, which kept my mind off how much I hate the trainer. (Just a timed ride, no distance)

Saturday (planned:1000m swim, 75min bike) actual: rest, kind of. A lot of heavy lifting and packing and running errands. Can’t wait till this move is over-four more weeks!


Sunday (planned:50 min run) actual:
Morning: 30 minutes strength training (did the machine circuit) at the gym followed by a 1100 meter swim (500 m swim-100 m kick-500 m swim).

working on one of my swimming weaknesses: kicking

working on one of my swimming weaknesses: kicking

Afternoon: 50 minute run, 4.86 miles/10:18 per mile pace…complete with negative splits —-> 10:38, 10:24, 10:20, 10:07 and 8:31 (!!!) for the last .86 mile! Judging by the last (almost) mile pace, I was going a bit too hard for a scheduled easy run. I actually felt the most comfortable at the 10:07, it felt just the right pace for an easy run for me.

Weekly/Training Cycle Totals:

Swim: 2300 yards (time unknown)
Bike: 45 minutes (distance unknown)
Run: 90 minutes, 8.71 miles

Goal for this week: MORNING WORKOUTS!!! After a day at work I am mentally and physically drained (probably more mentally) and the last thing I want to do is go out to the pool or get on the bike trainer. Running, stretching and yoga usually help after a long day because they are quite therapeutic. Getting my swim and bike workouts done in the morning will ensure I actually get them in! I am a morning person, after all.

How did your training go last week?


The Best Time Of Year: Fall Race Season

Fall race season is the best time of year. It’s probably because fall is my favorite season, but there’s something about the cool, crisp air at the start of a race that gets me pumped up for the miles ahead. This year my race season looks a bit different than years’ past-more triathlons than running races. That is subject to change, as I’m still trying to decide if I want to do a turkey trot this year or not or throw another 10K on the schedule in December.

Today I’m linking up with Erika, Patty and Marcia for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.
fall races, running

First up is the Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon on September 17th. This will be my second race at this distance (1500 meter swim, 24.5 mile bike, 10K run). Originally, this was my ‘A’ race for the year, but that has changed over the past couple of months, I know I can do the distance but my training has been derailed a bit and I don’t think I’m as prepared as I should be. My plan is to “finish and have fun” and enjoy a weekend at the beach.

The week after OBX is the Giant Acorn Olympic Triathlon at Lake Anna State Park (Virginia). This was always going to be a “have fun and finish” kind of race, and I still have that in mind.

The focus then shifts to running for the next two races. I usually do the Wicked 10K in Virginia Beach at the end of October, but I will be in Northern Virginia that weekend so I decided to sign up for the MCM 10K (October 30th). This will be my first time running this race.

In November I’m making my return to the half marathon for the first time since 2012 at the Richmond Half on November 12th. I’m so excited for this, it’s one of my favorite races in one of my favorite cities. No goal time (yet) for this race, I just want to finish it strong and injury free.

My last race of the season (and likely last race of 2016) is the Key West Olympic Triathlon on December 3rd. We were already planning to be in Florida to visit family around Thanksgiving, so what’s driving another few hours? This is definitely a racecation, as we plan to visit some National Parks while we’re there and spend some time just relaxing on the beach.

What are your fall race plans? 

Weekly Sweat Report 3/7-3/13



With race season upon us, it’s time to kick it into high gear!  Enter: the weekly sweat report.  Each week I’ll give you the rundown on the daily sweats, what worked, what didn’t…you get the point. Now let’s get started.


Morning run-I did a 5K just to get my 5K baseline, which is 28 minutes, 21 seconds, making the average pace 9:08.  Much better than I had anticipated, but I still have a long way to go before I hit my speed goals! #workinprogress



Afternoon ride-I took the newest edition to my bike collection out on her maiden voyage, 30 minutes around my neighborhood.  Boy oh boy once I get stronger with cycling this bike is going to be F A S T!  I managed 8.12 miles in 32 minutes, 30 seconds, for a 15.0 mph pace.

Morning-I was feeling pretty tight after yesterday’s run and bike, so I did about 20 minutes of yoga before work.

Evening-plyometrics-more on this later this week.

Thursday-rest-long work day + a meeting after work made me realize I NEED to get my workouts done in the morning.

Friday-Slept in, did plyometric workout after work, before dinner with friends.


Saturday-so many errands, so little time. My intention today was to go for a swim but I had so much to catch up on since most of Sunday would be spent at the race/post race bbq.

Newport News One City Marathon Relay-7.9 mile leg-race report coming soon! Spoiler alert: it was awesome and definitely rebooted my love for running and now I’m resisting the urge to sign up for ALL THE RACES!


Goals for this week: swim at least 2x, continue plyometrics and have fun at Shamrock this weekend!!

How did you workouts go last week?

TRI Season Starts Today!

It’s here, it’s really here!  I officially start triathlon training today and I’m kicking it off with a swim in Kailua Bay, the very same place the Ironman World Championships athletes start their 2.4 mile swim.  I get chills just thinking about it.  I’ll follow it with a bike ride and some strength training.

This year I decided to get a coach.  I not only do I want to finish my first olympic distance triathlon this year, I want to successfully train and finish strong.  After doing some research, first local coaches then coaches a few hours away then finally national coaches, I decided on QT2 Systems Triathlon Coaching, which is based out of Boston.  I took advantage of a killer coaching deal in October that they were offering to celebrate their athletes competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. To be honest, there weren’t many local coaches/teams to choose from, which was very disappointing.  Next I looked to Richmond and the DC area, but I wouldn’t be able to consistently benefit from what they offered (group open water swims, access to team gyms, social events) due to living 1+ hour away and there were a lot of events happening mid-week, and to me having access to something that is just out of reach is an awful feeling.

Last, I started looking nationally.  I came across a few blogs that mentioned QT2, so I checked out their website.  THIRTY FOUR of their athletes in 2015 went to IMWC in Kona!  I mean, that kind of speaks for itself, but I had to of course look a little closer at what they had to offer to those who weren’t going to Kona anytime soon and I liked what I was seeing.  In fact, I liked it so much I decided not only was I going to be coached by them, that I wanted to join their age-grouper team, so I did!


click picture for source

I’m currently training for the Jamestown International Triathlon which is in June.  It’s a local race, meaning I get to train on the course so there are no (course-related) surprises on race day.

One last thing before I get off the computer and get back to vacation (don’t worry, I’m not missing out on anything right now, it’s 5am here, and I have some time to kill before the sun comes up). After going back and forth about it for the past few weeks, I have decided that it is not the right time to run the Shamrock Half.  Looking at my training schedule, there is just not enough time to squeeze in the kind of distance needed to successfully train for a half.  At first I was disappointed, but now I’m very happy with my decision.

Have a great week!

2016 Races

**Updated on 1/12/16-no longer running Shamrock this year

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend I finalized my 2016 race schedule and it’s looking a bit different this year than in years past: more triathlons than running races!  That’s right, this is my first official triathlon season and I’m so excited about it (the past 2 years I’ve done 1 tri per year, so I wouldn’t actually call it a season).  I also cut back on the total number of races so I can focus more on the training than running all the races.  I may add one more 5K or 10K because I like those distances, but nothing has really jumped out at me so far.

Here is my 2016 schedule:

1/17 Maui 10K
3/13 Newport News One City Marathon Relay (running on team ortho with co-workers + entry provided by Riverside Health System with $15 donation to the Riverside Foundation)
3/20 Shamrock Half Marathon
5/7 5K By The Bay
10/29 Wicked 10K

4/2 Smithfield Sprint Triathlon
6/12 Jamestown Olympic Triathlon
7/10 REV3 Williamsburg Olympic Triathlon
8/20 Presque Isle Triathlon (Sprint distance)
9/17 Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon
12/3 Key West Olympic Triathlon

Is anyone else running any of these races? If so, I hope to see you there!